Track 1: Artificial and Computational Intelligence
Database, Information Systems and Security, Multi-Agent Systems and Pervasive Computing, Audio, Speech and Music Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition

Track 2: Cloud Computing, IoT and Data Analytics
Integration of IoT, Big Data and Cloud Computing Technologies, Cloud based Remote Sensing, Diseases Prediction using Machine Learning and Big Data, IoT Network used in Fog and Cloud Computing

Track 3: Wireless Communication Systems, Antennas Systems, Microwave Systems and Propagation Models
Dynamic Spectrum Access, Community Networks, Mobile and Wireless Networks, Next generation networks, Communications Networks Security, Satellite and Space Communications, Communications Theory, Antennas and arrays for next-generation communications, propagation models, computational EM, EM measurements, metamaterials, radio astronomy, EMC, bioelectromagnetics, radar, microwave components and systems, Signal Processing.

Track 4: Innovations for Digital Transformation, Industrial Development, Industry 4.0, Industry 5.0 and Engineering Education
Digitalization and product upgrading, Standards and Digital Transformation, e-Commerce, Industry 4.0, Industry 5.0 and Education

Track 5: Industrial Electronics, Control, Autonomous Systems, Instrumentation, Biomedical Engineering and Consumer Applications
Control Theory and Applications, Industrial Applications of Control, Robotics and Mechatronics, Human-Robot Interactions, Control Devices and Instruments, Sensors and Actuators, Smart Manufacturing Systems, Intelligent automation, Fuzzy systems, Resilience and Security for Industrial Applications, Biomedical Engineering and Consumer Applications.

Track 6: Electrical Power & Energy Systems, Renewable Energy Technologies, Distributed Generation and Power Quality
Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution Technologies, Energy Storage & Battery Systems, Electric Mobility, Energy Conservation & Management, Smart Grids, Electrical Insulation, Power Energy Markets & Trading, Renewable Energy Technologies and Power Quality.

Track 7: Short papers
These are papers in line with the Thematic areas in Track 1 to 6
targeting Industry players, practitioners, policy makers and private sector actors – interim results, experiences and perspectives and should be up to 3 pages in length including a short reference section.
Industry players, practitioners, policy makers and private sector actors are encouraged to share best practices, case studies and perspectives from practice in the field.

Accepted full and short papers presented during the conference will be submitted for publication in IEEE Xplore®.

 For any queries regarding paper submission, please contact the Technical Program Chairs at