The 2023 IEEE AFRICON Women in Engineering and Technology session is designed to provide an opportunity to highlight how women are contributing to the development of the Engineering and Technology fields in the African community.

Disruptive Technology; the Woman’s Perspective

Moderator/Session Chair: Eng. Sally Musonye, SMIEEE, Power System Design and Development Engineer, Kenya Power

1 Disruptive Technologies Adopted by the Kenyan Government Mary Kerema,
Head of Government Application, ICT Authority Kenya
2 Disruptive Technologies Transforming the Product Management Space Lizanne D’Souza,
Chief Commercial Officer, Qhala Limited
3 GIS and Spatial Analysis for Sustainable Development Laura Mugeha,
Geospatial Engineer, Girl In Geo
4 Virtual Reality and Immersive Art Experiences Natasha Khanyola,
VR/AR Developer, BlackRhino VR
5 Renewable Energy and Clean Tech Innovations Brenda Rombo,
Founder and CEO, Bee The Engineer
6 Q & A Panel All of the above facilitators

Engage, Encourage, Empower and Inspire Girl in STEAMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, Mathematics and Medicine)


Moderator/Session Chair: Dr. Njeri Ngaruiya Ng’ang’a, Chair IEEE Kenya Section Women in Engineering (WIE)

1 Unconscious Bias and Stereotypes in STEAMM Dr Mukami Ruoro,
Senior Veterinary, Kenya Wildlife Services
2 Building Confidence and Resilience Viola Kirui,
Co-founder and Director, Geospatial Research International
3 Fostering curiosity and creativity in STEAMM Education Njeri Ndonga (CEO)/Wandia Kimani,
4 Addressing the Gender Gap in STEAMM: Reskilling/Upskilling Dr Edward Ombui,
Senior Lecturer, Africa Nazarene
5 Mentorship and Support Networks Dr Brighton Kithendu,
Innovation and Transformation Leader
6 Q & A Panel All of the above facilitators


How we live, work, and interact has been profoundly impacted by the rapid development of disruptive technology, which has altered industries around the world. While everyone is affected by this revolutionary force, it’s especially important to think about how it affects women. In this abstract, we’ll discuss how women’s unique perspectives and life experiences help us better comprehend and shape disruptive technologies. From a feminist point of view, disruptive technologies provide fresh opportunities for individual and collective growth. It’s a chance to break down barriers between the sexes and re-imagine one’s career. Women play important roles in the tech industry as both customers and creators/leaders. Their input is crucial to ensuring that the advantages of disruptive technologies are shared fairly. In this panel, accomplished women executives, inventors, and subject-matter experts from a variety of fields will explore their strategies for dealing with the challenges and opportunities presented by today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape. The conversation will shed light on the special difficulties’ women confront, the achievements they have made, and the methods they use to make the most of disruptive technology for their own advancement. The importance of mentorship, diversity, and inclusion in creating a vibrant environment that welcomes women working in technology will be discussed. We propose this thought-provoking session as we debate ways for harnessing disruptive technologies to create a more inclusive and equitable future from the perspective of women.

Panel Discussion Topics

  1. The Impact of Disruptive Technology on Women
  2. Overcoming Challenges and Breaking Barriers
  3. Women as Innovators and Leaders
  4. Mentorship and Empowerment
  5. Inclusion and Diversity
  6. Future Prospects and Opportunities
  7. Q&A Session